Spring selling season has arrived and you want as many quality buyers as possible to know about your home.

The problem is, you can expect the usual uplift in properties for sale that happen this season.

More properties for sale means more competition and the likelihood that if your listing doesn’t stand out from the crowd, you will be passed over when buyers make their shortlists for auctions or open house inspections.

But presentation of the property and all the research in the world will not get your home out there like a good marketing campaign from a high quality real estate firm with plenty of experience in your local market.

For most people, the home is their most significant asset. Cutting corners in the lead-up to selling it can make a massive difference to the result and therefore the ability to buy the next property.

When marketing, you’ve got to spend money to make money.

You might not think advertising in local and online media is that important…or you don’t see the value in paying for a video tour to be produced, but in the end, these costs can seem pretty minor when you take into account the healthy boost that is added to your sales result.


Don’t choose the agent with the cheapest campaign, as they are unlikely to have the resources to really get your home out there.

The cheapest agent is likely to be relatively unknown in your area compared to the ones that have their branding everywhere.

This may not always matter but buyer’s first impressions can count for a lot and a shabby signboard or poorly taken marketing photograph can inflict severe damage on your sales goals.

A print and online campaign has been shown to yield results up to $100,000 higher than choosing just one or the other.

The integration of a promotional video and other modern technology now doing the rounds, such as an electronic signboard, can really make a difference.

Also, consider selling at auction rather than privately.


If your local market is suitable, the extra couple of grand spent on staging an auction might come back to you ten-fold if the bidders get emotional.

Tim McIntyre is the senior real estate reporter for the Daily Telegraph and news.com.au

Over the past decade, he has attained widespread knowledge of Australia’s many unique property markets and is an authority on all things buying, selling and investing.

His commentary appears every Saturday in the Daily Telegraph Real Estate lift out, as well as online at news.com.au

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