It’s the last day of the financial year, which for the average person doesn’t mean a whole lot, unless you know what you can get out of it…

Experts say it’s the single best time of year to buy up, which may also not be that surprising, but if you’ve got your haggling hat on, it can mean great things for your bank account.

Get to the car dealership, asap

An obvious one, but it truly is the BEST time to go and pick up some new wheels. Like at the end of every month, businesses are more keen than ever to get rid of their stock at the end of the financial year, so use your persuasive skills to get what you want. Remember, you can always offer more, but never less – so start low!

Stock up on Christmas presents

Besides Boxing Day, the sales in the shops are NEVER as good as they are at the end of the financial year, so get in store and pick up as much as you can!

Shop around for insurance


It pays to call around and see what the best deal you can get it. Companies like iSelect are designed to help you find the best deals as different insurers are keen to get as many people in as they can before the end of the financial year.

Update your work supplies, like a new laptop

If you’ve been eyeing a new laptop, camera or any other gadget that could be used for your job, now is the time to grab it as you can claim it back almost instantly!


Most years Foxtel run an EOFYS sale – so your best bet is giving them a call and negotiating either a package upgrade or a waived installation fee.

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