The coronavirus pandemic really has had an impact on all forms of life, including the financial stability of a lot of Australians.

In a bid to help those who are struggling to make ends meet during this difficult time, the New South Wales government has introduced the new Energy Switch Scheme.

The scheme is available to those suffering financial loss during the coronavirus pandemic and will come in the form of vouchers to help people across the state with their energy bills.

This also comes as large numbers of people are working from home and therefore will likely have a larger energy bill than normal, while also possibly earning less money.

“If you’re surfing financial hardship, if you have lost an amount of income as a result of this, you are eligible,” said NSW Energy minister Matt Kean.

The vouchers will be available through Service New South Wales and will be worth up to $1600.

“all you had to do is just go to one of the hundred service centres that we’ve got across NSW, or better still, in a COVID environment, do it online,” said Customer Service Minister Victor Dominello about the scheme.


“If you’re not eligible for a voucher you could still save by uploading your bill on the same website to see if you can get a better deal.”

The Energy Switch scheme is typically used to help Australian’s find a cheaper energy deal, with more than 14,500 households saving over $5.5 million a year.

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