A missing functionality of Kmart gift cards has come to light and it has left some customers frustrated.

Kmart fans have taken to Facebook over the last few days to share their annoyance that they are unable to spend their gift cards online.

While most online retailers give their customers the choice of paying by gift cards, the functionality has not yet been added to the Kmart website.

With more and more Aussies shopping online due to Coronavirus, it led to shoppers asking why they can’t use them online, with one saying ‘I really don’t want to go in-store as I have cancer and I am at a high risk of getting COVID. Hopefully, you will change this to suit the current situation.”

Kmart responding to the comments saying “We don’t have the ability to accept gift cards online at the moment, but we do understand that this is a unique situation and an uncertain time for everyone.’’

“We’ve certainly explored this option for our customers, but it seems changing the functionality of our website would take some time, so may not be something we can turn around in the coming weeks.

“We’re looking to extending gift card timelines for those that need it and we hope we can continue to provide them easy access to the products they need during this time.”

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