Have you ever wanted to save money and had absolutely no idea where to start?

Well, financial educator, Vanessa Stoykov from www.vanessastoykov.com.au wants to help you with these FIVE simple questions to help you save thousands.

1. Is this the best deal I can get?

“It sounds basic, but we often don’t ask the question,” Vanessa said. “The first suspects are your health insurance, utilities, and superfund. It’s important to find out what fees you are paying, and ask the question.”

2. How much can I invest in myself?

Usually we pay whatever we need to, and whatever we have left is what we live on.

“This is ineffective because we are putting ourselves LAST,”  – and to get ahead, you need to put yourself first. Some have a rule of 10% of their earnings they put away BEFORE anything else gets paid.”


3. Do I really need this now?

Do you really really need that new iPhone or pair of shoes??

“If you don’t have the cash to pay for it, and it’s not a burning, critical, must have item, really question whether you need it.”

4. Can I get this cheaper online or in bulk?

Too often we buy because we need it “now”. However, Vanessa says to plan ahead and save thousands.

“Google is the first port of call, and with online selling sites, and cheap bulk discount places like Aldi or Costco, thinking ahead, and shopping around can save you a lot.”


5. What do I really want for my life?

Ask yourself this – what is it that I really want?

“By spending some time thinking about what you really want your life to be like, not just next week or month, but next year, 5 years and 10 years, you can start making some strategic decisions about life,” Vanessa said.

Vanessa Stoykov is a financial educator that believes anybody can start making their money work for them if they unlearn their habits around money. Her website, VanessaStoykov.com has tips and tools to help you get ahead financially.

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