A nationwide recall has been issued for the Kathmandu baby carrier named Karinjo Baby Carrier 40634 v2.

The carrier is being recalled due to a defect that could cause “serious injury to the child”.

“The carrier stand hinge may be missing one or two bolts, which may cause the stand to be unstable,” the recall explained.

The defect could result in the child falling or the carrier tipping over when the kid is being placed into or out of the carrier.

The product was for sale nationally between January 5, 2015, and June 4, 2020.

People can take it back to the shop to be checked over.

“If the carrier requires repair, cease using the carrier immediately and contact your nearest Kathmandu store to organise replacement,” the recall said.


“For further information, consumers can contact Kathmandu via email at recall@kathmandu.co.nz or phone 1800 333 484.”

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