There are many slang words in the Australian dictionary, but do you actually know them all?

A woman on social media platform TikTok has brought a phrase to the surface and many Aussies hadn’t even heard of it!

Abbey Hansen explained in the video that someone who “gets really drink easily” could be described as ‘Cadbury’.

Confused by the term at first, she looked into it and realised the background behind it was the Cadbury brand’s slogan “a glass and a half.”


Am i the only person who didn’t know this? #cadbury #lightweight #slang #aussie

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The comments flocked in from people who had never heard someone be described this way before.


“I’m Aussie and I’ve never heard that,” one user wrote.

“Hello, rural Australian here and never heard this term before,” another added.

“I knew the term Cadbury but didn’t know it meant one and a half glasses cause that slogan has never been used in advertising until recently,” a third commented.


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