Aussie activewear brand Lorna Jane has been criticised for selling activewear that it claims helps protect its wearers from viruses and bacteria.

The company’s new line of LJ Shield activewear purportedly works to “break through the membrane shell of any toxic diseases, bacteria or germs that come into contact with it.”

Lorna Jane’s website claims that “any bacteria that comes in contact with the fabric is terminated when it comes in touch with the LJ Shield particles.”

Lorna Jane’s description of the LJ Shield product range.

However, medical experts have labelled the claims misleading, warning consumers against relying on these sorts of products to prevent the spread of viruses.

Dr Harry Nespolon from the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners told the ABC that the leggings and tops are nothing more than a waste of money.

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“The only thing that will be ‘terminated’ by the ‘shield particles’ is the money in your bank account,” he said.

Other medical experts have also jumped on board to condemn the range, calling it worrying if people are relying on its alleged protection.

The Australian regulator the Therapeutic Goods Association is said to be looking into whether the products are in breach of any rules.

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