Two best friends have used their money from the tooth fairy to buy toilet paper and deliver it to struggling pensioners. 

Petrina McGuire posted a photo of her six-year-old daughter Addyson and her best friend Lucy, four, dragging a cart full of toilet rolls and boxes of tissues in the North Queensland town of Mareeba.

“Loaded with toilet paper and tissues they purchased with pocket money and are walking around pensioner cottages seeing if they need any,” the mum wrote on Facebook.

The post prompted a series of encouraging messages.

“Parenting done right!! Thank you to these parents for teaching their kids what kids and some people are lacking these days – Compassion and looking after one another,” one person commented.

“What a wonderful thing to do! Well done and Thank you!” another added.


The post comes as supermarket fights break out over toilet paper amid coronavirus fears.

Click ‘PLAY’ below to hear the real reason why people are going crazy over toilet paper:

(Source: Daily Mail)

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