An Aussie mum has shared a cleaning hack on Facebook, and people are really on-board with the results!

The woman shared her trick to Facebook group Mums Who Clean, saying that she had been “reading lots [about] people cleaning their walls with fabric softener…gave it a go, and I’m hooked.”

If you want to give it a go, mix a quarter of a cap of fabric softener with a bucket of warm water, and take to any walls with marks or dirt.

Just don’t go too heavy on the fabric softener because you will be smelling it for days.

Others chimed in to share their surprise at the results, with one group member commenting: “who would have guessed these doors are actually white.”

Another commented: “definitely works…. it gets rid of the urine smell and marks on the tiles,” adding the tip “just don’t let it dry.”

Apparently leaving the foam on surfaces for too long makes it harder and difficult to remove.


Have you tried the fabric softener trick? How’d you go?

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