Every morning Kyle and Jackie O do a gaming segment for our 6 O’Clockers with the chance for them to win an awesome prize.

To keep things interesting we swap between a few different games, 5 in 10, What’s Kyle Thinking, ABCs and Kyle’s favourite, What’s in Jackie’s Mouth.

But today, being the first Tuesday in November, we decided to do a special Melbourne Cup related game. And for some reason, we decided to let Intern Pete organise it… It was doomed from the get go.

Anyway, basically this game was called Race to the Race, and it involved Pete put on his best race caller voice as if he were commentating the actual horse race.

In his script he would add in lyrics from a particular song and the winner would be the person who could guess the song.

Now all Pete really had to do was read a script from a sheet of paper. It should have been simple.

But combining that with how fast you have to talk as a race caller, of course things quickly went wrong. In fact, Pete ended up doing a big radio no-no. He swore live on air!


You can imagine that Kyle was NOT impressed. In fact, he decided to throw Pete out of the studio!

Listen for yourself in the podcast below!

Check out our Melbourne Cup podcast below!

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