You wouldn’t think that there’s a lot of things that we CAN’T get away with here on the Kyle and Jackie O show.

After all, we are the show that brought you Naked Dating…

But as it turns out, even our show has it’s limits as Kyle and Jackie O this morning revealed out little black book of segment ideas that were rejected.

And we have to admit, while they would certainly be funny, we kind of understand why!

Check out the three that we thought we the most hilarious below:

1. The Poo-jitive

Remember when we did that game ‘The Fugitive’? It had people running around Sydney asking people on the street, ‘Are you the fugitive?’ and if they were then the person would win prize money.


Well in this version, Jackie thought it would be a good idea to have Sydney searching for the poo-jitive who will be hiding in a bathroom stall somewhere across the city. Contestants will have to knock on the right stall door and ask, ‘Are you the poo-jitive?’.

How funny would that be?!

In fact, Jackie thought it was so hilarious that she put this one back on the table as a possible competition to take place in the future.

“The next idea I actually think we should do,” Jackie said. “It’s not off the table.”

2. Kyle and Jackie O’s Deaf Day

Now this actually IS a good idea in order to make our show more available to those who having hearing problems, especially seeing as it’s such a common disability, but the way Kyle wanted to go about it is probably the reason why this idea was rejected…


Kyle thought we could do one entire show each year completely in sign language and stream it online for everyone to watch.

Meaning our entire radio show would be performed in silence. Yeah, we can’t see that working too well… Also Kyle and Jackie would have to learn sign language which we all know they’d never commit to doing!

3. The Team Loyalty Challenge

Jackie wanted to test the loyalty of all of our team members so she thought a great segment would be to call each of them up at 1am and tell them that she needed their help getting rid of a dead body.

If they agreed to help, no questions asked, then they would pass the loyalty test!

You know, we could just do trust falls, but that would be boring right..?


Listen to the full list of rejected segment ideas in the podcast below!

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