Kmart always manages to deliver the goods including furniture that is super on-trend at a low price. #blessed

Last year, the department store did just that when they announced a limited edition Black Friday range that would only be available for just four days. It featured a range of stunning pieces, including a GORGEOUS egg chair that was priced at just $179.

Many people missed out on this hot ticket item but for those who are still dreaming of owning one, grab out your wallet. Kmart has restocked them and “once it’s gone, it’s gone!”

There is also a big catch that comes with it. Well actually, there are two.

The chair is only available for sale in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland. So sadly, your other interstate buddies are going to miss out this time around.

Also, the chair is only available online and is NOT available for click and collect. This means you’ll have to cough up a delivery fee which also factors in its bulky size.

Some shoppers have shared online that their delivery fee estimate is almost $100 to their nominated address!


“I really want to purchase this chair but the postage has me thinking twice,” a shopper wrote on the Kmart Home Decor & Hacks Australia Facebook page.

Others who have scored a smaller delivery fee have decided to go ahead and purchase the chair.

“My postage was $55 which isn’t too bad would nearly cost me that to drive to Kmart and back… so YOLO I bought one hehe,” one happy customer said.

If you’re keen to snap up a chair, head here. Be quick, these will go fast!

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