At the moment we’re seeing hand sanitiser become one hot commodity as we’re being told that the best way to stop the spread of coronavirus is to keep our hands clean at all times.

As a result, sanitiser has been flying off the shelves at supermarkets left, right and centre, with some people unable to get their hands on the cleaning product at all.

While we’ve seen some people step up in this situation to help out, like alcohol companies making hand sanitiser from their spirits to help with stock, one kid over in the UK decided to cash in on the issue at hand.

13-year-old Oliver thought that it would be a good business idea to take his own bottle of hand sanitiser to school and sell squirts of it to his friends.

He was charging $AU1 per squirt – a pretty hefty price considering you can usually get a whole bottle for under $10 for a small bottle, or around $30 for a larger bottle.

“What kid is going to pay for that?” Jackie questioned as we discussed the topic on the Kyle and Jackie O show. But it turns out there was a market out there for Oliver’s hand sanitiser!

Despite the obvious rip off, Oliver’s friends were actually buying his product and he ended up making a sweet $18! But that was before the school found out…


“He offered it to his teacher and then the teacher freaked out, dragged him up to the office, ruined his little business and the child was suspended from school,” Kyle explained.

So he certainly was punished for trying to exploit other students, but he did get to keep the cash that he’d made already. And if you’re wondering what he spent his money on…

“Kept the cash and spent it on a packet of Doritos incase you’re wondering and a kebab on his way home,” revealed Kyle.

You’ve got to admit, while his actions were so wrong, he’s pretty smart to come up with the idea… This kid’s going to be a CEO or something one day for sure.

It got Kyle and Jackie O thinking about what other cheeky side hustles kids have tried to start out there and so we put it out to our listeners to call up and let us know!

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