If there’s one thing Jackie O loves it’s connecting with other mothers and hearing their stories.

Combine this with Kyle and Jackie O’s love of helping those in need and you get this beautiful moment that went down on air with Gordie today.

As you know, Kyle and Jackie O are trying to help Sydneysiders survive everyday life by doubling their salary. We know that making it through each day can sometimes be tough for people and we want to do everything we can to help.

One mum registered her details and was lucky enough to hear her name called out on KIIS1065 telling her to call up and have her salary doubled.

She managed to make it to air with Gordie and it was almost like fate that she did because guess who happened to be listening at the time? Jackie O!

This mum had just finished telling Gordie how much winning meant to her, explaining that currently she has to bring her baby to work with her as she can’t afford to pay for childcare.

As she finished telling her story, Gordie said, “I’ve got someone on the phone who wants to talk to you. Say hello!”


“Hi, it’s Jackie O,” came Jackie’s voice through the phone.

Jackie explained that she had heard everything that this mum had said and she felt compelled to call up and help in any way that she could.

“Obviously you’re struggling a little bit with finances and I just wanted to give you an extra $3000 to maybe help out a little more.”

The mum was brought to tears, and it’s safe to say that there would have been some tears flowing in cars from people listening in too (we know we had the tissues out!)

“It sounded like you just needed some help so I hope that takes the pressure off,” Jackie said.

What a beautiful moment! Hear the call for yourself in the podcast below!


To take part in Kyle and Jackie O’s Double Your Salary, send us your details NOW and Keep KIIS Loud to listen for your name on air all day while you work!

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