If you’re bad with names, you’ll know just how painful it is when you’re out somewhere and you see someone who you know that you’ve met before, but you can’t for the life of you remember their name.

Your worst nightmare in that moment would be to walk up to them and say, ‘Hey, I know we’ve met before but I’ve forgotten your name. What is it again?’.

So how can you find out their name without making things SUPER awkward? Well consider this a life hack! Kyle and Jackie O today tested out all of the different, subtle ways to find out someones name without them realising what you’re doing.

How? By testing it out on staff members who they’ve DEFINITELY met before, but whose names they had definitely forgotten.

The topic came up after we saw a viral video about a woman who found out after fourteen long and embarrassing years that she had been calling her neighbour the wrong name. Yep, that ENTIRE time!

To make sure this never happened to them, Kyle and Jackie came up with some techniques to casually find out a person’s name.

Here’s what they came up with:


1. Ask them for their Instagram handle – Hopefully they aren’t using some sort of weird and whacky nickname for their handle, otherwise you’re fresh out of luck! But the likelihood is that it will have their name in it somewhere and then you’ll know for sure who they are!

2. Ask them how they spell their name – These days there are so many different ways to spell names that it wouldn’t be too weird if you asked this question. Just hope that the person you’re asking doesn’t have a simple name like our audio producer ‘Pat’… Jackie almost came unstuck with this one!

3. Find someone that they haven’t met before and introduce them – Bringing an unknown third party into the situation will give you the chance to watch and listen as the pair introduce themselves to each other. Simple!

4. Just suck it up, and be honest. Ask them what their name is – It might be awkward for a moment, but it’s better than calling your neighbour the wrong name for fourteen freaking years!

Kyle and Jackie tested out each technique this morning live on air! And while some were so good, we’ll be honest, some of them crashed and burned… Check it out below!

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