It’s a great day for lovers of the hot sauce variety…

Appropriately named ‘Shit the Bed Vodka’, named after the Aussie hot sauce of the same name, is the genius efforts of Perth-based Spice girl Renae Bunster.

On her website, Renae says, “when I was stuck at home with my kids during the COVID lockdowns I was drinking a lot of Bloody Marys. The vodka got me thinking – how can I make these drinks even faster?”

“The result is amazing. All the heat and flavour of Shit the Bed infused into vodka. It’s unreal,” she continued.

To be honest, anything infused with vodka hasn’t let me down… yet, and I’m weirdly into hot sauce, so this vodka sounds like my perfect sweaty dream!


Did you know, ‘Shit the Bed’ hot sauce is the number 1 selling hot sauce on Amazon in the states?

I wonder if Beyoncé would be into this beverage as she always seems to have hot sauce in her bag, swag. Just kidding, we all know that that actually means a baseball bat… duh!

‘Shit the Bed’ Vodka is available for pre-order at $70 a bottle.

Looks like Bloody Mary fans are in for a treat!

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