Our firefighters truly have experienced some of the most terrifying moments over the past few months as our country has been burning in some of the worst bushfires that we’ve ever experienced.

There really is no way to repay these heroes for putting their own lives on the line to help save our communities, houses and wildlife, but today Kyle and Jackie O tried to show just how much we appreciate their incredible efforts.

Four firefighters joined us in studio this morning along with their families; Deputy Captain Jasper Croft, Danny Field, Grant Fitzgerald and Ervin Blancaflor.

You may remember seeing some footage from the fires that went viral recently, which showed a group of firies from station 509 in Wyoming on the Central Coast.

At 3pm on New Year’s Eve they were sent to help on the frontline in Nowra on the South Coast.

The crew ended up getting stuck in an intense firestorm and video quickly began circling from the event which showed the crew attempting to shield themselves inside their truck while driving through the bushfire emergency zone.

“We weren’t expecting what happened,” the firefighters told us this morning about the terrifying blaze.


To help show the firefighters just how much everyone appreciates the work that they do, we had their families record some messages for them, which not only brought ol’ Jackie to tears as per usual, but brought tears to the eyes of some of the firies.

“It really brings it home when you start hearing your family, you know how much respect they’ve got for us,” said one of the boys.

Most of Australia and even people all around the world have felt compelled to help those affected by the bushfires in any way that they can, and today we wanted to continue these efforts by giving back directly to the people who were working on the front lines.

Woolworths jumped on board today to partner with us and help make life a little bit easier for these four firefighters by taking care of their grocery bills for the next 6 months!

The wonderful people at Woolies will also be donating an incredible $10,000 to the RFS as a whole.

In order to give our firies a well deserved rest and to help encourage people to start heading back to the South Coast, we also teamed up with The Holidays Collection to treat each of them to a weekend away on the South Coast!


Their fuel and spending money for the trips will also be covered by Woolworths.

It’s a small gesture in comparison to what these firies did for all of us, but hopefully it shows just how thankful we are not only to these four heroes but all firefighters in general.

You can listen to the full giveback in the podcast below and stay tuned for the full video!

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