IT’S considered a THE EPITOME OF A first date, but there are plenty of reasons why DINNER AND A MOVIE is a terrible idea.

‘Hey meet me at Hoyts’

You’re gonna talk for 3 seconds- literally say hi, order your food, and walking in. And then you’re totally stuck in a dark room for two hours.

You’re also sitting next to your date, not in front of them, so there’s no eye contact happening at all.

Also, you’re sharing your date with a whole cinema full of people.

Not to mention you’re gonna be sleepy as hell after watching a movie – again, dark room for 2 hours.

Also, you’re picking popcorn shards out of your teeth, and so is your date, only they are attempt to dislodge the pieces with their tongue, and talk to you at the same time.


It’s all just a BAD idea.


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