One of the most popular treats people love to chew on are gummy lollies.

These candies are a sweet treat to munch on, but have you ever wondered just why they’re so chewy and how they’re made?

Well, the background may shock you.

You may have heard people (especially vegetarians) refer to gelatin being used in sweets – you may have even been aware that gelatin is actually made from animals…(we’ve always found it hard to comprehend that some lollies contain animal based products)

Danish filmmaker Alina Kneepkens has produced a short film that may have you checking the ingredient list printed on the packet the next time you visit the sweets aisle at your supermarket.

Played in reverse, the film starts off by showing us an enticing packet of gummys ready to be gobbled up, before highlighting in stark detail just how the gelatin is actually prepared (don’t forget there’s a number of vegan substitutes including agar which is extracted from algae)

WARNING: Some people may find this hard to watch


Marie Claire

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