We’re partial to a bit of Dr Pimple Popper around here but even we have limits – and her latest upload is pushing them.


The hectic cyst, which is unhelpfully situated on this poor man’s right ass cheek, has been causing him so much pain that he hasn’t been able to sit down properly for TWO WEEKS.

In the first of two – yes TWO – clips, the man explains that he went to a dermatologist to have it looked at, where it was improperly treated and “left to drain”.


Dr Sandra Lee then lops off the top of the cyst and the immediate stream of pus and blood would be enough to turn even the most avid spot-squeezing subscriber to the point of spewing.

The poor man then has to return two weeks later, as the area has filled with fluid again.

Can you say pain in the ass?

“I can tell when he’s having problems because my staff will tell me when they call on him in the waiting room,” Dr Lee explains. “‘He’s not sitting down! He can’t sit comfortably.’

“And when I step into the room to greet him, he is never sitting down.”

You can see both videos in full below – just DON’T watch while eating.


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