Before you read on, know that men and women aren’t trying to weirdly stuff their limbs into a microwave – that would look totally stupid – oh, and RIDICULOUSLY dangerous.

However, there is something to using microwave energy when it comes battling unwanted underarm hair and putting a stop to the sweat!

A global company, Miramar Labs have launched a product called Mirasmooth, which is a handheld device that ‘zaps’ hair and sweat.

Different to laser hair removal and IPL, the Mirasmooth can be used on any skin or hair colour..

It works by actually using microwaves energy to minimise hair and perspiration by reaching the deeper layers of your skin and zapping the root of your hair and sweat glands.


$2000 well spent… I hope. #miraDry #sweat

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The good news? You get some anaesthetic to help you through the 40-minute session. Reportedly, people can improve a pretty substatial difference with their hair and sweating situation after the session.

#miraDry treatment performed by #DrManishKhanna at #peaumontreal. Stop #sweating from your #underarms permanently!

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It’s only available in the US right now, but could be brought to Australia soon – would you try it?

Source: Cosmopolitan

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