We’re not sure whether to applaud this invention or condemn it. While we all like to look good in a dress or pair of pants, spanx for your thighs may just be taking things too far!

Called the ‘sly gap’ the product is promoted as something which will help create the popular ‘thy gap’ The product’s website states through ‘dual wrap technology’ the sly wrap ‘promotes circulation and fights cellulite.’

The fabric wrap can be worn under jeans, trousers and shorts and can even be worn whilst exercising to ‘increase sweat’ and apparently help lose weight in that area.

What #next they’re called #slygap 😂 no #workout needed #thighgap #thighsgap 😋😋 #spanx

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While it sounds amazing, personal trainers warn spot reduction is not a thing. So if you’re buying some with high hopes, be realistic about the results.  

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