A new study as shown that 20 per cent of women experience what can only be described as a ‘yoga orgasm’ when they hit the mats.

Yes, it seems that yoga is inducing orgasms, or ‘yogasms’ during classes, thanks to particular poses.

According to Kate Kendall; yoga guru and founder of Flow Athletic says that it’s all about the ‘positioning of the body in conjunction with movement and activation of the deep, pelvic floor muscles.”

Activating those particular muscles during a workout definitely provides a flutter ‘down there’, even if total climax isn’t reached.

So, which poses are most likely to get you to O-town?

In no particular order, here they are: boat pose, eagle pose, happy bday pose, bridge pose, yogi squat, forward bend pose, bound angle pose, wide angle seated forward bend pose, wide leg child’s pose, abs with a roll and breath work.

It may seem awkward experiencing an orgasm in the middle of yoga class, but as I always say any orgasm is better than none.


Source: Bustle

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