As well as improving sleep, easing stress and keeping your immune system humming along, a new study has shown that the ‘Big O’ can totally help you get pregnant. 

Don’t believe us? 

Researchers at universities in Ireland and the US discovered that women who reached climax during intercourse could boost their fertility by up to a whopping 15 percent.

After experimenting on six women, the study revealed that more ‘sperm’ was retained after women had an orgasm compared to when they didn’t.

The combination of contractions and the chemical release of oxytocin during orgasm, could act as a suction and “suck up” semen into the vaginal canal.


The study found it could be possible that the female orgasm serves an evolutionary purpose, as scientists try to find out why woman climax in the first place. 

The male orgasm allows men to inseminate partners during sex, but there is still no conclusive reason for the female orgasm (umm, other than the fact that women should experience just as much pleasure during sex as men?!)

Researchers hope to replicate the study with more volunteers, to back up their theory. 

Source: The Sun

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