Dr KIIS usually brings us some weird and whacky medical stories during his segment on the Kyle and Jackie O show and this morning’s tale left us all CRINGING!

“Do you know, I have had a really interesting patient a couple of days ago,” Dr KIIS told us.

Basically a woman was working on fixing up an old car and so she was using paint stripper to strip back the original colour on the vehicle. And in case you’re unaware, this paint remover is one pretty strong chemical.

Everything was going fine until she finished up with the car and went inside to clean up.

“She had to go and get ready to go out for dinner or something and then the door bell rang,” Dr KIIS continued the story.

“So she through the clothes on that were outside the bath to go and answer the door and then suddenly the world’s most intense pain on her breasts.”

Kyle and Jackie were incredibly intrigued at this point. Dr sure knows how to tell a story…


“Really,” said Kyle enthusiastically.

“Her shirt had been dipping in the paint stripper, put her shirt on, and the paint stripper started to seep through onto her nipples,” Dr KIIS revealed.

“Ooohhhhh,” Kyle and Jackie exclaimed in unison.

And as you can imagine, paint stripper isn’t something you want to get on an area as sensitive as your nips.

“She then got these burns on her nipples, had to go to hospital,” Dr KIIS said.

“I had to check them out and make sure they were settling down, the wounds are completely fine, she’ll heal up no problems whatsoever but she said it was the most intense pain in the world.”


Thought that was bad? It gets worse.

“She said she was looking down and she could see just sort of like bubbling and yeah melting away,” Dr KIIS concluded.

Well let that be a lesson to you all! If you’re using a toxic product, put your clothes in the wash IMMEDIATELY! No one wants bubbling nipples… no one.