When you go out for dinner, do you take a moment before digging in to your food to take an instagram or snap chat shot?

You’re certainly not alone – and you’ll also know that most people you know HATE that you do it, but more fool them.

As it turns out, for one 27-year-old woman in the UK, it was this very habit that saw her drop six stone in just 19 months.

She kept an Instagram diary of everything she ate – and it helped her lose an incredible amount of weight.

Having once spent £100 ($AU133) a week on takeaways with her husband, Kerry started documenting her meals after seeing photos of herself measuring a size 22 at her son’s christening.


‘I saw the photos of myself at Oliver’s christening and all I could see where my rolls of fat and the unflattering outfit,’ she says.

‘I was just really ashamed of how I looked – I hated them. It made me cringe. It was a special day for him and I feel like I ruined it.’

So Kerry promptly joined Slimming World and starting using her Instagram account – which only had around 100 followers at the time – to document her food choices.

Now a size eight, Kerry’s account has nearly 18,000 followers who follow her every dinner.


‘I’ve always liked to cook and I love Instagram,’ she explains.

‘I found my healthy meals looked great in photos, so I decided to share my results and use the feedback to stay on track. It became a hobby.’

‘It was brilliant to see people inspired by my meals, and putting it out into the public domain definitely helped keep me on track.’


The thought of her followers inspired Kerry to steer clear of cheat meals and opt for the healthier option.

‘It feels brilliant to be able to be inspiring other people to achieve their goals too,’ says Kerry.

Source: Metro

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