Although Alice Fields has been a member of a gym since she was 15, and trains up to five days per week, she was heavier than she wanted to be in her teen years.

The 24-year-old from Melbourne has told Daily Mail, ‘Being a teenager, hormonal changes and also a complete disregard for what I needed to put into my body to be healthy caused me to always hold more weight. I didn’t understand control or portions,’

The once 92 kilogram Ms Fields, says her self confidence was at an all time low.   

‘When I was mistreated in friendships or relationships, I would put it down to my size. I just felt embarrassed all the time,’ she explained. 

‘As a teenager, I would never leave the house without a cardigan on… even on the hottest Aussie summer days. I felt trapped in my own body.

After spending lots of money on a personal trainer she decided it was time to make a change. 

‘I realised I had spent years and years doing the wrong things and had no permanent results to show for it.’ 


Ms Fields was soon introduced to powerlifting and IIFYM (If it fits your macros) by a friend. 

The new approach to fitness and health meant Ms Fields was focusing on controlling the amount of fats, carbs and proteins she was consuming, based on her goals. 

‘The hardest part was breaking down the stigma in my mind about powerlifting. You usually envision a big burly woman throwing weights around. That’s far from what powerlifting is like,’ she said. 

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‘There are different weight classes for women, from 47kg to 84kg. It was also challenging adjusting to tracking my foods – it takes time to learn what’s in food and to read labels properly.’

After committing to the new approach, Ms Fields watched as her weight dropped to 74 kilos and her fitness levels skyrocketed. 


‘I burst into tears. Not just because I was proud of myself, but I remembered how I felt when I first saw that photo a few years ago when it was taken. I know I would have made a comment like “Feel free to crop me out of that one”.

‘It broke my heart to know the pain I felt at the time… but I was also so happy that I had found something that worked for me.’

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