If you’re squeamish then it’s probably best you don’t read any further…

Michelle Barrow was at a routine gynaecological appointment when she mentioned she had been feeling a dull ache in her abdomen for around a month.

Her doctor assumed it was a forgotten-about tampon and began to examine Michelle.

But instead the doctor pulled out what is believed to be a two inch ball of cat hair.

You see Michelle owns two cats, Cricket and Donut, and like most pet lovers she allows them to sleep in her bed.

Michelle has also admitted that she doesn’t keep her bed as neat as she could and the cats get under the sheets where they shed, a LOT.


The theory is that the cat hairs became stuck to her fiancee’s penis and when they had sex they were placed inside her, where over time they collected and wrapped themselves around her coil.

It was as the Doctor was cutting the ball of fur out of her that Michelle realised what must have happened because the fur was the exact same colour as her cat, Donut.

Michelle has stressed that she washes every day and washes her sheets fortnightly but added, “I think the moral of the story is that vaginas are crazy mysterious enigmas that we will never really understand, so we may as well just write about how weird they are on the internet.’

Source Daily Mail

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