A picture showing a two year old toddler pretending to breastfeed her doll has been causing a massive amount of controversy online.

When Charlotte’s mum saw her little girl imitating breastfeeding and saying “Baby cry, baby wants to eat” she thought it was adorable and even a little funny. Her mum popped it up on Facebook and didn’t give it another thought.

However soon after she posted the image, abusive messages started coming her way with one user saying, “I just saw some of the nastiest s*** of my life!! “If you’re okay with your daughter lifting up her shirt and putting her baby doll’s mouth to her little ‘dots’ pretending to breastfeed then I personally think you need to be punched in the damn face!!! “It’s just simply not okay!!!”

The mum of two uploaded some of the messages to Breastfeeding Mama Talk where she also voiced her confusion over the online abuse, “The breastfeeding shaming starts before they even start really breastfeeding!” she begins.

“I am shocked. I still am breastfeeding Charlotte (2) and I formula fed my son, Bentley (5) and I am open to both, both are equally wonderful. I would LOVE to know how it is “the nastiest shit of her life.”

“Breastfeeding is something that is natural and IS normal. A baby putting a bottle to its dolls mouth, they are feeding their baby doll, correct? There’s no difference. I do not feel the need to correct Charlotte because breastfeeding is wrong,” the anonymous poster concluded.


Soon messages of support started to flood in with one poster saying it’s completely natural.

With another posting little Charlotte will make a great mother one day.

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