It’s time to feel a little less guilty when you indulge in a takeaway.

Now we’re not saying you should eat one every night, but new research has revealed that Curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, STOPPED cancer cells in laboratory tests.

Turmeric is a popular spice used in a wide variety of curries.

And it doesn’t stop there, when Curcumin was combined with silymarin, (from the common herb milk thistle) the effect was even better.

The tests were carried out on colon cancer cells in a laboratory setting.


Dr Uthayashanker Ezekiel, a biomedical laboratory scientist at Saint Louis University, said, “When the colon cancer cells were pre-exposed to curcumin and then treated with silymarin, the cells underwent a high amount of cell death.

“They may offer alternate therapeutic approaches to cancer treatments and avoid toxicity problems and side effects that chemotherapy can cause.

“We still have much to learn, and for now, it’s so much safer to add a little spice to your diet and get your curcumin from foods that contain turmeric, such as curry, rather than taking high doses of the compound,” Dr Ezekie finished.

Source The Mirror

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