Are you the one who wakes up in the morning and has the sudden urge to pounce on your partner? You’re not alone – and in fact, you’re onto something.

It seems that those who indulge in a little morning delight are doing it right, quite literally, as there are a number of health benefits associated.

Check out why it’s so worth doing!

#1: It boosts your brain power

It’s said that a little morning sex can help to encourage the growth of brain cells in part of the brain responsible for memory and learning. This is said to be especially true for new couples, as their alertness is generally boosted by sex!


#2: It can be good for the environment

A little steamy shower sex is not only good for the soul and your relationship – but the environment too! Think of all of the water you’ll save sharing a shower!

#3: It gets you up and about in the morning

No need to rely on coffee any longer! A quickie in the morning, even on a rushed day will get your heart racing and your body going. The passion and adrenaline will see you bounce out of bed!


#4: It’s GREAT for your health!

According to Women’s Health magazine, morning sex can help to boost your immune system by increasing an antibody that fights off infections. An early morning orgasm releases chemicals that raise the levels of estrogen, which can help to make your skin and hair look shinier and healthier.

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