Waxing, plucking, threading, sugaring, shaving… when it comes to hair removal the list is endless.

For years women have been told one thing is certain – NEVER shave your face.

If the hair is dark enough it can be lasered away, however if there is peach fuzz present the best thing to do is leave it alone.

The belief has always been that if you shave hair anywhere if will grow back thicker and darker, and so women have always steered clear of shaving their faces.

However popular beauty blogger Huda threw a spanner in the works last month when she posted a video of her shaving her face prior to putting on her makeup.

People freaked OUT about it. But now other makeup artists are siding with her saying that if you shave away any peach fuzz, foundation looks a LOT better.

Using a single razor is recommended for achieving the best results.


“I recommend doing it on dry clean skin, and with short gentle movements. I find when it’s on dry skin, it doesn’t grow back thicker and really works best! I saw these razors everywhere in South Korea last week, and I have found mine from Amazon, I love them!” Huda says.

Would YOU try this?

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