While New South Wales has been doing pretty well amid the coronavirus pandemic recently as we continue to have restrictions ease in our state, it’s very worrying to see what is happening just one state over.

Down in Victoria we’ve seen somewhat of a second wave take over with numerous new cases daily and the Australian Defence Force about to be sent in to help control the situation.

But while things are looking a bit better here in NSW, we’re being told not to get complacent because it’s possible that the same thing could still happen here.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian joined the Kyle and Jackie O show this morning saying that she is proud of where we are currently at, but warning us all that we still have to take the proper precautions.

“Look New South Wales is still doing very well but we’re always very conscious of these break outs,” Ms Berejiklian said.

“What you see in Melbourne can easily happen here,” she warned. “That’s why we need to ask everyone to keep coming forward and getting tested which has been fantastic.”

Gladys told us that just yesterday alone, 17,000 people were tested across our state and she encouraged anyone who experiences cold or flu-like symptoms to follow suit.


“So if you have a sniffle or a scratchy throat or you think you’ve got a cold, please come forward and get tested. Even the mildest of symptoms,” she added.

While our tourism industry desperately needs a good boost at the moment, Gladys also pleaded with people not to travel to and from Melbourne at the moment during their break out.

“This is the thing, if you open up too quickly and people aren’t COVID safe then you risk going backwards and that’s not what we want in NSW,” Ms Berejiklian said.

“Victoria’s going through a tough time at the moment and I think they’ll be okay but the next few weeks are very critical.

“But it means please nobody go down to those hotspots in Melbourne at the moment and if you had friends that were coming up please tell them no to. Tell them stay there… There is a higher degree of community transmission than what we’d like to see so it’s really important.”

Gladys also spoke about why they’ve remained strict on some restrictions, such as keeping visitors away from jails.


You can hear more from this chat in the podcast below!