Time to stop what you’re doing and take a good, long, hard look at your fingers – because apparently they can tell us a lot more about our personalities than you’d think!

According to Higher Perspective, our personalities can be divided into three basic categories based on the length of our fingers.

Simply look at your left hand and see which of the following best describes you…


Your ring finger is longer than your index finger.

You’re charming and pragmatic and can talk yourself out of almost any situation. People find you irresistible, compassionate and you tend to be an excellent problem solver. However you can also be aggressive – with can be both good and bad.

People with these fingers are often scientists, engineers, soldiers and crossword puzzle masters.



Your index finger is longer than your ring finger.

You’re the confident, get-it-done type who loves to work in solitude in order to accomplish what you need to achieve. However, that doesn’t mean you’re an introvert – just that you like to achieve your goals without being disturbed.

You may also be guilty of always wanting more… even if you do appreciate what you have.


Your index and ring finger are the same length.


You believe in peace not war and prefer to avoid conflict if you’re able to. Others know you for being faithful, tender and caring – although there is an inner-fire that can burn people on the rare occasion it’s unleashed.

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