If you’re a girl, you’ve probably heard of kegel exercises or ‘doing your kegels’ before.

What you may not know, is what everyone is talking about.

Kegel exercises are the movements of the muscled inside your lady bits. The best way to find them is to stop yourself peeing mid flow, see that? THAT contraction was a kegel exercise. Although you generally do them when you’re not peeing…

Why are they so good? Well, they build up the strength of your pelvic floor muscles, which is good for a number of reasons.

Firstly, it means that your vagina stays, for lack of a better word… tighter. This is important before and after childbirth to help with things like incontinence.

It can also make sex feel better, as stronger muscles tend to be able to ‘hug’ his penis more, increasing the pleasure for both you and him.


Kegel exercises can also help to make your vagina, bladder and uterus stronger – all of which are just as important as having a tight rear and no tuckshop lady arms.

So go on, ladies. Aiming for 10 reps several times will get you well on your way to stronger lady bits.

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