If your mum ever told you that the little white spots that pop up on your fingernails every now and again are due to a calcium deficiency, she was wrong.

Imagine, a mother being wrong! Wonders will never cease. 

Milk spots, as they’re commonly referred to, are actually the result of a careless bump or knock to the nail bed and have nothing to do with how much cheese you may or may not be eating.

If you’ve given your nail a baby bash, the damaged cells collect together – forming that white spot – and slowly but surely move up your nail as it grows.

The condition is known as Punctuate Leukonychia and isn’t normally a symptom of anything serious; it can, on occasion though, point to a fungal nail infection or be indicative of a past feverish illness, when the body tries to conserve energy by focussing on things other than shiny-as fingernails.

The more you know, huh?

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