If you’ve always been someone who thought you might benefit from meditation, if only you could stop thinking about what to cook for dinner, or what Kim Kardashian did in the news today – then basically, you’re just like me.

I always heard stories about people who ‘swear’ by meditation for a clear mind, more restful sleep and just better general well being – but to be honest, I thought it was as bogus as people who claim to get their amazing skin from ‘drinking water’.

Cameron Diaz is one of the biggest meditation fans I’ve heard of – and she claims the practice has ‘changed her life’.

Then I discovered Buddhify. An iPhone app that over the last week has changed me.

That seems like a big sweeping statement, doesn’t it? It’s meant to.

Buddhify has ‘guided meditations’ for pretty much every situation, from feeling stress, to not being able to get to sleep – to being online!

Even better? Within each category, is five or six meditation options that all differ in length; from four minutes to around 29 – and you choose one depending on what you want to focus on and how long you have.


Basically, you get someone with a soothing British or American accent telling you to focus on your breath and listen to your body – and when you actually stop laughing at yourself and do it – you realise that there really is something to it.

I do a minute minute meditation each morning before work, a 10-minute one when I can fit it in in the afternoon, and an 11-minute one before bed, if I want to fall asleep to hearing about how the mattress supports my body and the pillow forms to my head.

Basically, I have been sleeping better. I’m better at dealing with negative thoughts and focusing on positive things – and it’s only been a week.

I figure, I hate exericing. If I can do something small to improve my mental health and well being – I may as well just do it?

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