Gather ’round, children, and let me tell you the story of when scientists discovered a way to avoid a wine hangover.

It all starts with exactly why you get that unbelievable pounding in your head after a rosé or five; wine is loaded with three pretty mean offenders – tannins, sugar and histamines – that have a ball taking it out on your body the morning after.

Tannins, a natural compound found in grapes, are responsible for that dry mouth while histamines are to blame for your headache, and don’t even get us started on sugar; consuming alcohol that’s high in the sweet stuff can cause your body to use up a lot of its water supply, leaving you dehydrated and ill.

Which is where Dr Seymour Diamond, executive chairman of the National Headache Foundation, comes in.

According to the University Herald, Dr Diamond claims that drinking two cups of coffee before any wine consumption can reduce the resulting headache.

It’s all down to how your blood vessels are constricted after a cup of joe, helping wine-induced vascular symptoms. 


We can’t imagine this is concrete stuff right now – surely someone, somewhere is getting ready to tell us just to not drink the damn wine in the first place – but we’re quite happy to test the theory in the meantime.


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