Just a heads up if you’re about to escape this depressingly cold Australian winter and heading somewhere overseas for a bit of sun, there’s a new fashion trend that you might want to be across if you want to remain fashionably current.

Apparently the latest beauty trend is all to do with the way we wear our bikini’s and the way that this frames our bosom…say hello to the upside down bikini and the upside down cleavage that comes with it.


Italian model Valentina Fradegrade is the woman behind this new bikini design and basically the whole point of it is to turn the traditional form of cleavage, well, upside down, and makes the bottom of the breasts the focal point of all beach looks.


But TBH we’re a tad confused by it. And not because we’re cynical people who can’t admit that Valentina looks absolutely smoking in her examples of the look but because we’re just being practical.

The way that the upside down bikini works is that the top straps are tied across the top of the chest instead of around the neck. But to us it just looks like a nip slip waiting to happen as soon as you enter the ocean.



Another very good point was made by one realistic Instagram user who commented, “hahah my boobs would fall into the hole.” So yeah unless you’ve got boobs of steel that don’t flop down when nothing is supporting them then this look probably won’t work too well.

But hey, for the purposes of an Instagram post, we guess it kinda works. Would you be game to try the new upside down trend?