When a product brags about being the one thing you need to completely rid your face of blackheads and clean out your pores it’s safe to say that we shut up and listen.

Introducing the CozRX Blackhead Silk Finger Balls. And though it may make your fingers look like you’ve just jumped straight out of the cast of ET, this Korean beauty product that’s said to help you remove all of those annoying little spots with absolute ease.

Basically, all you need to do is soak the little silky cocoons in warm water, pop one over your finger, and rub the ball across your problem area. And apparently the results are so darn satisfying!

The exfoliating product also helps eliminate excess grease and dirt from your face while remaining completely gentle on your skin with it’s delicate fabric.

And not only are we told to expect immediate improvement to the overall appearance of our skin, but the little blackhead suckers are super cheap! They can be purchased from online store Cult Beauty for about $14!

That’s a pretty small price to pay for amazing skin!

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