Whenever I get on a rollercoaster, which is NOT that often because I’m kinda terrified of them, you’ll catch me screaming as loud and dramatically as humanly possible out of pure fear, excitement and adrenaline.

And we reckon most people would say the same. In fact, if you can go on a rollercoaster without making a peep then you must be some sort of psychopath for sure…

So we’re having a little trouble working out how on earth this new rule at some theme parks overseas is going to work.

A bunch of theme parks over in Japan are starting to reopen following the coronavirus lockdowns, but they’re facing tough restrictions in order to stop the spread of the virus, with one rule being that screaming and loud talking is not allowed.

The new rules have been recommended by the East Japan and West Japan Amusement Park Associations, which includes parks like Tokyo Disneyland and Universal Studios Japan, and include things that make more sense like operating at reduced capacity, increasing the frequency of cleaning, installing hand washing stations and pre-selling tickets to control the flow of guests, according to Fox News.

Upon entering the theme parks, visitors will be subjected to temperature checks, will have to wear a mask and practice social distancing. All normal stuff when it comes to coronavirus restrictions.

But the Amusement Park Associations have said that they want to stop screaming on rides as well to minimise any droplets spreading from peoples mouths. Where possible, they’ve also asked patrons and employees to avoid speaking with a loud voice.


We get it, you don’t want to risk spreading the virus, but we just don’t see how this will work!

And if they do somehow manage to stop people from shouting while on the rides, just imagine how eerie the theme parks are going to sound… The noise of rides going up and down in absolute SILENCE!

Sounds super creepy if you ask us!

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