At her heaviest Mum, Laura Rundle ballooned to 22 stone after suffering a back injury.

Laura is very open that her diet was awful, and she would comfort eat heavily because of her size which would then make the situation worse.

The former hairdresser said she started to pile on the weight after a car accident in 2011, where she hurt her lower back.

She was offered an operation but decided against it as any complications could have left her in a wheelchair for life.

While she was getting around on crutches, the 34-year-old stopped exercise and couldn’t work. It leads to her eating 4,000 calories a day and a steady weight gain.

Laura said ‘’ I was feeling depressed because of my size and that would lead to me eating more.

“It got to a point where I would be too embarrassed to go out with friends or my husband. “My diet was awful. I was eating takeaways and drinking gallons of fizzy juice.


“I just felt down about myself all the time.”

Last Christmas, Laura decided to turn her life around after seeing an advert for a diet plan. I wanted to lose weight for my kids – I didn’t want them to feel embarrassed by me,” she said.

“I saw an advert in December for the Cambridge Diet Plan, and I signed up to do it.”

“I wanted to enjoy my Christmas dinner, so I started the diet in January and started eating shakes and fruit the plan provided,” she added. 

The diet meant she dropped her daily calorie intake to just 600 a day for 17 weeks and then slowly increased her intake again to help maintain her weight loss.

“I was having three servings of either shakes or soup for 12 weeks then I added one meal to my diet,” she said.


“It took three days for me to get used to the diet but I was spurred on to do it when I lost 13 pounds in the first week.”

To everyone’s amazement, the inspiring mum managed to shed a whopping 9th 3lbs in just six months and now weighs a healthy 11st.

Laura has now permanently swapped her junk food for healthy meals, granary bread, boiled eggs, salad and plenty of fruit.

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