Mummy blogger Mel Watts has revealed the truth about parent sex.

In a post on Facebook, Watts said “Did we just have a quickie? Like a daytime one,”

With one of their children at their neighbour’s place and the other one asleep, Watts admitted to the world that it was the perfect time for her and her husband to spend some alone time.

“I mean I’ve been turning him down for long enough I felt bad,” she wrote. “Knowing it was only going to take a few minutes, and I’ll have a day of any food I want to eat, listen to any music I want and an early night. Sounds delightful right?!”

Watts says in the post that she’d had ‘’dad sex jokes’ thrown at her all morning, and while it wasn’t exactly romantic, she did feel a little bit ‘’obligated.”

Before she even describes what happened she said that it was ‘’over before I knew it’’.


She goes on to explain that she had turned her husband down a number of times ‘’But today,” she wrote, ” I thought the amount of effort he has put into every sexual advance it would just be plain mean of me.”

The has she said that it is worth ‘’just going with it’’ as her husband will now be ‘’happy for the next few days’’.

Modern Mumma’s post has now been shared over 4000 times with many relating to her candid and very accurate post of sex after kids.

One person wrote ‘’I cannot stop laughing, I am glad I am not that only one who feels like this.’’

Is this what life is like for you too?!

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