Having your period is not a walk in the park; there’s the constant fear you’ve leaked through your jeans, the surprise acne, the threat of bursting into tears at the sight of an elderly person crossing the road – and that’s before you’ve even touched cramps, tiredness and the worry that you’ve left your tampon in for too long.

Another added bonus to Aunt Flo being in town, of course, is having to poop more. 

As if you didn’t have enough to deal with. 

And now we know why you need to double your bathroom visits for a week each month. Yay science!

According to Refinery29.com, the prostaglandins chemical is what gives your uterus the heads up to shed its lining as soon as your body realises it’s no longer needed; unfortunately, some of those signals get a little lost and make a detour to your bowel, causing contractions there and kickstarting that need to poo and giving you gas.

On top of that, levels of pregnancy hormone progesterone, which can tend to make you constipated, drop when you’re menstruating, having the opposite effect and causing diarrhea.


All in all, not an ideal situation BUT at least it’s normal.

Now go get yourself some chocolate.

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