We all know the drill.

You’ve shut down Netflix for the night, you’ve finally put down your phone and you can feel that lovely blanket of warm fuzzy sleep coming over you.

You snuggle down into your bed and just as you’re about to drift off for the night you get a MASSIVE fright, jump ten feet out of the bed and end up sitting up, wide awake with your heart beating out of your chest.

WHY does this happen?

It’s actually really common, and the reason behind it is pretty cool.

That jolt of energy is called a hypnic jerk (quite fitting – it IS quite the jerk) and it’s basically your helpful brain trying to save your life.


As we fall asleep our heart rate slows, along with our breathing and this can sometimes freak our brains OUT!

So the brain issues this hypnic jerk because it thinks we are dying.

See? It’s not actually being such a jerk after all.

And most people fall back to sleep straight away afterwards too.


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