A brides amazing demands in the lead up to her destination wedding may have earned her the crown of worst bridezilla ever.

An unnamed woman left Facebook users in shock after sharing her ‘wild’ bridezilla story on behalf of a friend.

The bride, Marie, and her friend, Jess, had been friends for years when Marie got engaged to a man she met in Japan.

She then went on to announce that the wedding would be in a ‘very expensive’ resort in exotic location.

Jess wasn’t asked to be a bridesmaid but Marie suddenly started acting like her best friend and forces her to go to the wedding.

The post goes on to say “Jess felt compelled to go…turns out that most if not all of Marie’s friends won’t shell out and she doesn’t want empty rows.”

Six months before the wedding, the story gets even weirder, with Jess getting a frantic call from the bride, asking her to be a bridesmaid before forcing Jess to pay more money for a dress.


“Marie INSISTS that Jess fly in at least 1 week before the wedding to spend ‘quality time’ (read: run errands for her),” the post continues.

Jess couldn’t do this because the ticket she had purchased was heaps cheaper, coming in 2 days before the wedding. As a result, the bride ‘screams’ at Jess.

But.. it doesn’t end there, with Marie deciding to Skype Jess the day before she flies out, to tell her that wedding is now off.

Jess still went to the resort but because the wedding was off the “all inclusive” package was cancelled and she was forced to eat ramen the whole time..

A month later Marie calls Jess and tells her she is marrying a woman and she wants her to come to the wedding.

Looks like the story is starting again..

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