Wanna play a game?

A bunch of scientists have put their heads together and come up with a formula to approximate how many people you’ve been sexually exposed to over the years – because, remember, every person YOU’VE had sex with has probably had sex with at least one other person – and now they’ve turned it into a nifty little interactive calculator.

Which means, in just a couple of minutes and a click of a mouse, you can figure out how many people you’ve indirectly had sex with.

How fun is this!


It’s pretty self-explanatory – chuck in where you’re from and how many people you’ve slept with – and the calculator will do most of the heavy lifting.

Heads up, though: Along with a somewhat eye-watering number, Dr. Ed will also provide you with what that number equates to – like, for example, the entire frickin’ population of Bankstown. 

If you’re mathematically minded, you can check out the formula breakdown on the organisation’s website but we’re guessing you’re still too shocked by that hectically huge number to care much. 

The whole thing hopes to raise awareness for how easily STDs can be transmitted; consider the job done, Dr. Ed.

If anyone needs us, we’ll be at the health clinic.

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