If you love shopping, you’ll know that H&M is never really a quiet place to visit.

The bargains are so good that normally people are everywhere, lugging entire shopping bags bulging with budget purchases.

However – H&M ‘ain’t never seen anything like this.

Today marks the launch of H&M x Balmain. A diffusion line for Balmain, collaborated with H&M.

Basically it’s created in stunning Balmain style, but for more like an H&M price tag. Mind you, it’s still expensive for H&M, but with Balmain pieces normally selling in the $1000s, it’s more obtainable for everyone.

As predicted, it was absolute BEDLAM trying to get through the doors, as the shop fronts resembled an Apple store the day before a new iPhone drop.Cue sleeping bags – and when the doors opened?

Well… check out these videos to see what you missed out on… thank GOD.


NewYork | 😷😭😂part6 #balmainxhm #balmain #hm

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Source: Mashable

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