We all know that celebrities have it sorted when it comes to taking a great photo.

From squinching (squinting the bottom eyelid slightly and resting yet narrowing the top eyelid) to the trout pout (kicking those lips out a mile), celebrities like the Kardashians have it covered.

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Now, there’s a new resting pose for photographs that seems to be sweeping Hollywood, a distant cousin of the trout pout, this pose is aptly named the ‘fish gape’.

Are we the hunters or the hunted @therealalil @rolaofficial #residentevil

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With celebs like Selena Gomez, Zendaya, Ruby Rose and Hailee Steinfeld as fans, it’s set to take off as much as the head tilt – in other words, BIG.


So how do you pull off the ‘fish gape’?

Having the best trip. Europe I just love you.. 🙈☺️hur did by @lonavigi -face did by @byjakebailey

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All you need to do is stand and pose with your mouth slightly open, like a fish. Experts pulling off this look will allow some teeth visibility and look sternly down the barrel of the lense.

Shooting for something special… ✌🏼️💋haiz

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You are welcome.


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